I’m a gamer, pole dance lover, rabid Bull Terrier aficionado, artist, anime junkie and an all around dirty nerd! I’m also a natural ginger. ^o^ This is my official public blog Where you can chat with me, receive updates on my personal life, my cam schedule, raffle info and updates as well as get sexy teasers from my upcoming naughty photo sets! All are welcome to lurk here, but don’t be shy! Feel free to leave me some love, ask questions, or just say hi! All comments gain rep with my faction!! I am currently working on my official website LucyOHara.com right now. You can get all the latest updates on the progress here, so don’t forget to bookmark! If you have any requests for cam shows or photo sets don’t be scared to share them with me! :) *hughug!* =^^= I LUBE YOU!!!

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One of my friends was able to fix the broken cable on my fucking machine! Now it WORKS!! I originally bought this pink Vac-U-Lock dong to use with this machine, and now I finally can! :) I cream all over it in doggy style at the end! Hope you guys enjoy this update!

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Playing with one of my favorite XL dildos again! My red buddy ‘El Diablo’ :) This set was pretty awkward, since the homeowner of this house was sitting about 20 feet away working on her computer… does that count as voyeur? haha <3

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40 photos. 12 minute(s), 16 second(s) of video

Received this cute and sexy new babydoll in the mail, and decided to show my appreciation with a nice wet blowjob. I use my hitachi while I’m sucking your cock, and can’t keep myself from asking you to fuck me! Hope you enjoy! ;)


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I had some fun in this nice big tub and got wet in more ways then more. Then at the end of the video I answer some of your questions. I really should put together a question list myself next time. XD Or maybe do a video that’s a bonus vid JUST for questions, so I can keep the majority of my vids mastur’batin! ^_^

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32 photos. 11 minute(s), 32 second(s) of video

Thank you very much for my new toy, Amael! As promised, I’m trying it out for the first time with my camera on! I love all of Lelo’s products. :) This one is amazing! It has a tongue like ball that rolls around your clit while it vibrates. I’ll definitely be taking this one to bed with me tonight!

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115 photos. 10 minute(s), 49 second(s) of video

I started out by doing some teasing while I got myself ready for my toy and you could hear how wet I was even though I was conveniently hiding it! But then I decided to show you the full view so you got to see my orgasm in all its glory!

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52 photos. 7 minute(s), 50 second(s) of video

Just bumming around today in my orange cami dress. No bra, no panties. :) I wore it out as is to go get the mail today and felt scandalous.. lol! Also, fucking around with my big camera, despite the autofocus not wanting to work for me on video. ;.; Someone come fix it for me.. ;) I’ll make it worth your time!!

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Using one of my favorite glass toys in this update, in a gorgeous room with a great view. :) I’m sure the gardeners had a great view as well, considering I was up on the second story… haha :) Hope you enjoy this new update!

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101 photos. 12 minute(s), 8 second(s) of video

This body stocking is sexy and crotchless. ;) I didn’t even have to waste time doing a strip tease… I was all ready to go!!! Hope you guys enjoy this set. Let me know what you think of outfits like this. Hit or miss? haha. Also my second orgasm was interrupted, hope you get some laughs at the end of the video!

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42 photos. 11 minute(s), 40 second(s) of video

I don’t do nearly enough foot fetish updates for my feet lovers! <3 This one is JUST FEET! Yes, I threw a dildo in for lack of variety in the pics… but as Jordan pointed out on Streamate a few days ago “You have yet to do an update with JUST feet. No foot jobs, just showing your lovely soles off for us to masturbate to.”

:p I know not everyone is into feet, but for the folks who are… here ya go! For those of you who aren’t, you have plenty of content with tits ass and pussy and no feet. XD Fair is fair!


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