I’m a gamer, pole dance lover, rabid Bull Terrier aficionado, artist, anime junkie and an all around dirty nerd! I’m also a natural ginger. ^o^ This is my official public blog Where you can chat with me, receive updates on my personal life, my cam schedule, raffle info and updates as well as get sexy teasers from my upcoming naughty photo sets! All are welcome to lurk here, but don’t be shy! Feel free to leave me some love, ask questions, or just say hi! All comments gain rep with my faction!! I am currently working on my official website LucyOHara.com right now. You can get all the latest updates on the progress here, so don’t forget to bookmark! If you have any requests for cam shows or photo sets don’t be scared to share them with me! :) *hughug!* =^^= I LUBE YOU!!!

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TY so much, MyCamGirl for the funny Gifs of Jolene and I! (It’s her birthday today too, btw!) :) Good times…. HAPPY BDAY JJ! HAPPY BDAY ME! haha :)


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The following three bloopers have been dug up on my computer. I posted them on my members blog, so if you’re a member, click here to go take a peak! :) Nothing super special! I just thought they were kinda funny. :)

As you may have noticed, there is no cam show tonight! My Mom’s b-day is on Sunday, but we’re celebrating tonight (Saturday) since not everyone can make it on Sunday. I look forward to seeing you at my next show though!! :)

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While going through my pictures, I found a gorgeous shot of my asshole that I had removed from one of my photo sets… why? Because it was just too damn close for comfort… haha. BUT! If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how many wrinkles I have on the ole’ back door… head on over to my MEMBERS BLOG to view the full size image!!! The original image is seriously, out of control type large… o_o’

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Yesterday was SUCH a great day! :) Hit the road at 6 am with my photographer @PornProducer to head to our location. Scooped up my friend @Melody on our way. <3 We filled ourselves full of coffee and donuts. <3 By 8 am we were set up and shooting our first[…]

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Howdy members!! :D If you haven’t already seen, my new set just went live! This set is all about my feet. Don’t worry, if feet aren’t your thing, there is more masturbation soon to come… but I do get a lot of requests for fun foot sets. There are a lot of great pics of my ass, legs, and the soles of my feet. As well as my painted toes! <3

My sister was in town today and we spent the entire day running all around town getting into all kinds of….

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Members Only

My Blog is now Members Only! I will be posting previews of my posts on here, but from here on out you have to join Lucy Ohara to see the full blog post in my Members Only Blog. I look forward to seeing you in members on my blog and forum!

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After 11 days in California, I’m so so so happy to be home and in my own bed!! Especially since I picked up some type of flu bug before I left. My ears and nose have been crazy congested and all I could think of was getting home to my own shower and bed..

Before I forget, here is my cam schedule for this month! :) Saturdays! <3 Hope to see y’all there!

^^” A couple of pics from my trip. Nothing super x-rated unfortunately. I brought my computer with me in case I had some alone time to possibly get on cam but the internet where I was staying blew chunks. :\ Also.. not too much private time.

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Eee!! Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away! I can’t wait!! I have a bunch of family coming in to town and it’s going to be a ton of fun! I spent the day baking the cupcakes I want to bring, just to make sure they are as tasty as I was hoping.. They are red velvet with a cheesecake frosting ~ and they are gluten free! <3 For the folks there who can’t haz gluten!

Here’s a couple of pictures I took while I was baking.

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I tried.. :(

You guys wore me the heck out tonight! I was going to take a quick break, but my pussy is MUSH… in the best of ways. :) I think I orgasmed myself into a daze. Totes going to bed instead of jumping back on. :) Besides, how can I tell this sweet girl I don’t want to cuddle with her!?

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