I’m a gamer, pole dance lover, rabid Bull Terrier aficionado, artist, anime junkie and an all around dirty nerd! I’m also a natural ginger. ^o^ This is my official public blog Where you can chat with me, receive updates on my personal life, my cam schedule, raffle info and updates as well as get sexy teasers from my upcoming naughty photo sets! All are welcome to lurk here, but don’t be shy! Feel free to leave me some love, ask questions, or just say hi! All comments gain rep with my faction!! I am currently working on my official website LucyOHara.com right now. You can get all the latest updates on the progress here, so don’t forget to bookmark! If you have any requests for cam shows or photo sets don’t be scared to share them with me! :) *hughug!* =^^= I LUBE YOU!!!

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Hello, guys n gals! :) This post is a little peak inside of the members-only area of LucyOHara.com! :) Since the launch of my site, I’ve been extremely happy with it’s growth! I have some of the best members!  <3

There are currently: 16,468 High Res Photos, 272 Full Length Movies, 8 + Hot Stars inside my members area! My photo sets differ from week to week. I have girl/girl scenes, fingers, dongs, vibrators, anal, fucking machines, feet, costumes, JOI, voyeur, schoolgirl, and “hairy” content. I mix my content up with both self shot, and professionally shot updates.

As a member of LucyOHara.com you get:

  • Weekly Photo & Video updates.
  • Live Members Chats! (1 – 2x/week!)
  • Access to my GOLD shows on Streamate for free!
  • Access to me via private messaging! <3
  • Private chat and cam to cam inside our NEW internal cam system!
  • Wallpapers (I should make some more… hehe)
  • Free entry into any random goodie raffles I hold.
  • Chat time with the other lovely ladies on my cam network!

:) If you haven’t signed up, and are curious… I hope this gives you a better idea of what’s inside! <3

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For my birthday I asked for anyone who had time to draw me a birthday Beaver! Just like last year. <3 I love ALL of these drawings! Thank you so much to the sweeties who took the time to doodle for me! :D I fucking love them! It made my day! <3 If any others come in later, I will add them to my blog. Also, if you drew one and I missed it.. re tweet it to me! x_x I’m pretty sure I saved them all but, just in case!!

Hope you guys have a fantastic week! I’ll be chilling with family this weekend so I may not be online but I hope you have a great weekend too! <3 TY for making my birthday special! :) XOXOX

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My birthday isn’t until April 18th… but I feel like it came early!!!! You guys are the best. Thank you so, so much!!!

So I my photographer said a few packages came in the mail today and… Holy MOLY! I’m overwhelmed with how nice you guys are!!! A few things came without any names on them. So please, please, please, if you send something, let me know so I can thank you! :))) Beaver thought there might be something in the box for her…

But nothing was! Didn’t stop her from sitting in every box, like a cat, though!

I’m absolutely floored by how nice you guys are. I can’t wait to shoot in these outfits and try out all of these great new toys. These came just in time! I’ll be shooting with my photographer again within the next week or two – and these outfits are going to look AMAZING! The LED cock is SUPER  cool. I took a few pics of me sliding the head of it into my pussy, but that’s inside my members area – on the members only blog. ;)


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I’m leaving to Mexico you guys! <3 I hope you all have a great week! I will see you when I get back… and I will try to sneak some fun naughty pics while I’m gone. My sister wasn’t able to join me on the cruise, but I’m going with a bunch of family, and a few friends too! :) I won’t be able to respond to my twitter or PM’s on the website though. I’ll be in butt-fuck nowhere and my shitty sprint phone is on its last leg as it is.

Please have a safe week. I had a show scheduled for what I *thought* was 9pm EST tonight (friday) depending on what my hotel internet was going to be like when I stopped, but I accidentally scheduled it for 1am EST (which is NOW) and I’m unable to make it. -_-

Love you all bunches. Thanks to everyone who sent me Gifts and little GiftRockets and Cards and such! :) You are the best friends I could ask for! X’s and O’s

_LuLu AKA – La Peliroja! (haha)

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<3 I’m in Vegas right now shooting some content for my site! :D Sorry I haven’t been on cam this week, but it’s been such a busy one. I will be on cam soon though! :) (Well, I tried doing a voyeur show yesterday while I was shooting an amateur set outside, but the wifi was so Janky out there that I had to log off :< Boo..)

Oh… Hey. It’s #AssWednesday on twitter. <3

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My Birthday is coming up soon! APRIL 18th!!
What would I like from YOU guys!?

Please please please, scribble me a cute drawing or two and tweet them to me @MissLucyOHara ~ it can be on the back of a receipt, a napkin, or anywhere really! :) I will continue to update this blog entry with them!

<3 <3 <3 <3 TY Jitna, Belle, Henry, Lonely, Mandy, Ducky & Captain for the drawings!!

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:) MissFreeOnes 2013 is here! You can vote for me daily in 4 different categories! Please take a moment to do so, if you have a minute to spare!

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Yesterday was SUCH a great day! :) Hit the road at 6 am with my photographer @PornProducer to head to our location. Scooped up my friend @Melody on our way. <3 We filled ourselves full of coffee and donuts. <3 By 8 am we were set up and shooting our first[…]

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Howdy members!! :D If you haven’t already seen, my new set just went live! This set is all about my feet. Don’t worry, if feet aren’t your thing, there is more masturbation soon to come… but I do get a lot of requests for fun foot sets. There are a lot of great pics of my ass, legs, and the soles of my feet. As well as my painted toes! <3

My sister was in town today and we spent the entire day running all around town getting into all kinds of….

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Members Only

My Blog is now Members Only! I will be posting previews of my posts on here, but from here on out you have to join Lucy Ohara to see the full blog post in my Members Only Blog. I look forward to seeing you in members on my blog and forum!

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