I’m a gamer, pole dance lover, rabid Bull Terrier aficionado, artist, anime junkie and an all around dirty nerd! I’m also a natural ginger. ^o^ This is my official public blog Where you can chat with me, receive updates on my personal life, my cam schedule, raffle info and updates as well as get sexy teasers from my upcoming naughty photo sets! All are welcome to lurk here, but don’t be shy! Feel free to leave me some love, ask questions, or just say hi! All comments gain rep with my faction!! I am currently working on my official website LucyOHara.com right now. You can get all the latest updates on the progress here, so don’t forget to bookmark! If you have any requests for cam shows or photo sets don’t be scared to share them with me! :) *hughug!* =^^= I LUBE YOU!!!

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I really wanted to get on cam and play today, but I wasn’t able to! I made this video and photo set instead. I had a great time creaming all over one of my big purple toys! Members can log in ASAP to view this new video, flip through the photos, and have their own creamy fun!


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LOfingerhappy1 LOfingerhappy2 LOfingerhappy3

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86 photos. 7 minute(s), 35 second(s) of video

Come play with my pussy with me! I have a new bedspread and I’m ready to cum hard on it for the first time! Sorry I wasn’t able to make it on cam today, but I got a little caught up in housework before company comes tomorrow. Log in now to view this latest self shot photo and video set!! :)


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46 photos. 13 minute(s), 12 second(s) of video 

So I wore these tiny shorts out today to do my errands… without any panties.. and after I got home I realized there was a hole in the front LOL! I should be spanked!!!! Anyway, I decided to warm up for cam with this video but after everything was said and done, I just wanted to take an orgasm nap. :P

Members of LucyOHara.com can login now and check out the latest photo and video update!


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33 photos. 6 minute(s), 20 second(s) of video

For some reason, this outfit makes me laugh. I was giggling my ass off while my pussy was catching the breeze! XD Members can log in now to see the entire update! Can’t wait to catch you guys on cam next!!! <3 Save that spunk for me! Don’t whack it raw or anything before then.. haha JK JK :p

crotchless_00 crotchless_01 crotchless_02

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48 photos. 9 minute(s), 46 second(s) of video 

I love my toys, but sometimes fingers do the best job! Watch as I strip down and play with my pussy in this weeks self shot update! Don’t forget to join me for chats this week too! Both on Streamate and inside my members area!!!


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56 photos. 9 minute(s), 37 second(s) of video 

I think I was WAY too excited to ride this toy… but can you blame? I might break this bed eventually riding toys on it like this.. but it’s so fucking bouncy and satisfying!!!! :D Hope you guys enjoy this weeks update with my fat realistic cock toy! See you on cam for my members chat in a couple days!! XOXO Log in to LucyOHara.com to see the entire self-shot set!!

LOhardride1 LOhardride2 LOhardride3

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32 photos. 10 minute(s), 29 second(s) of video 

My friend Melody is here visiting – and while I was looking through my closet for toys to play with together on cam.. I found one of my missing toys!! and the batteries (which aren’t supposed to be left inside of them) still worked full force! Log in to my website now to view the full update!! :)


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Originally, I was in the kitchen to do some dishes. My friend back in Texas sent me a funny selfie while she was doing dishes too, so I sent one back. When I saw how pretty the light looked, I got my pretty nightgown on and took some pics! I NEVER EVEN FINISHED THE DISHES!! haha.. but whatever. I had a nice orgasm on my kitchen counter in the sun. :)

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49 photos. 9 minute(s), 28 second(s) of video

I’ve been masturbating with my Hitachi since I first woke up this morning! I’m getting really bad about that! And as for the person who asked “how long I could go” without masturbating… I can, and have gone long periods of time without masturbating, but I have no reason to right now! So why would I? :D

Log in to LucyOHara.com to view this weeks wet wet update now!

hitachigrind01 hitachigrind02 hitachigrind03

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