I’m a gamer, pole dance lover, rabid Bull Terrier aficionado, artist, anime junkie and an all around dirty nerd! I’m also a natural ginger. ^o^ This is my official public blog Where you can chat with me, receive updates on my personal life, my cam schedule, raffle info and updates as well as get sexy teasers from my upcoming naughty photo sets! All are welcome to lurk here, but don’t be shy! Feel free to leave me some love, ask questions, or just say hi! All comments gain rep with my faction!! I am currently working on my official website LucyOHara.com right now. You can get all the latest updates on the progress here, so don’t forget to bookmark! If you have any requests for cam shows or photo sets don’t be scared to share them with me! :) *hughug!* =^^= I LUBE YOU!!!

Woo0o0o!!! :) If you had told me a few years back if I’d be having fun going and doing girly shit I would have frogged you in the thigh. I AM though!!! :) Today I went and got my brows/lashes tinted, my nails done (not fake either! My real nails!!! :D!!! Wahoo!) my toes… and I picked up a fun little trio of eyeshadow since I’ve been using one shade of brown for a couple of weeks now. >_>

I always feel weird going into makeup stores because I feel like the ladies are staring at my problem skin, or my cakey mascara, orrrr… I dunno. o.o Like a million things. I also don’t know what half the shit is for in there but I’m totally making it my mission to learn. haha. :)

Anywho, snapped a couple of pictures… nothing too interesting. Didn’t get naked at the nail salon or anything. XD!!

Beaver says hello!!! :)

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I mentioned on cam a few days ago that I was going to go shopping for some bra and panty sets, and promised I’d post some snappy shots like I have in the past… sooo… these are the 4 sets I chose from Victoria Secret! ^_^ Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing them on cam until I’ve already shot pics in them for my site… I don’t want anything to ruin them before hand! :D

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Come join the lovely miss Jolene Brody in her Myfreecams room!! :) We will be broadcasting MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY!!!  Daytime shows will be  1pm –  5pm and evening shows will be  9pm – 1am!

We will also be raffling off a 30 minute skype show ~ to be done on Friday evening after our final show. :) If you enter the raffle, please be sure you’re online Friday so you don’t miss the drawing!

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I’m super, super blown away right now. Say10 said he sent me just a little something to have fun with for my girl girl time with Jolene Jolene and Melody… I had NO idea this was actually on it’s way to me. Holy CRAP.

I was already trying to find ways we could work my fuck machine into our shows somehow.. and had her order an attachment to use with it. But wow. O_O This is incredible!! I’m pumped and a little freaked out It goes SO fast it’s unreal. The strokes are short but they are SO fast it’s like… vibrating my fists as I try to hold it still!!!!!!

So… look out Jolene and Melody. And.. o.o uhm. Well shoot. Look out Rupert!! (In case you didn’t know, that’s my vag’s name… I decided that when I was a kid IDK what made me pick that name.)


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JJ is currently trying to figure out how to pack herself for the trip down here..

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Juicer Fun!

:) I love love love my new juicer! Before, if I wanted to make juice… I’d have to do the whole blender + nut milk bag thing. Which is fine. :) You still get great juice that way… But I’d have to water it down a ton just to get it to blend in my shitty $15 blender. This is like.. heaven!!! And the cleanup is SO fast! :) I would def reccomend this juicer to  anyone who is searching to buy one… unless you’ve got the spare bucks to get a green star and don’t mind the extra clean up– those are great too!

PS: I haven’t had a coffee since Thursday (the 12th) :) ! Or any caffeine for that matter…

EDIT: The face I’m making in the green juice picture was made jokingly. The drink was actually delicious. :p

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HOLY MOLY I’ve been busy… AND will only get busier! It’s a GREAT type of busy though! I’ve been spending tons and tons of time with family lately which is… super duper awesome and doesn’t happen often.

I’m very excited for the lovely miss Jolene to come visit me at the beginning of February! :D We will be camming together on her MFC account! I will let you guys know the dates and times of the shows we have planned the closer it gets to be that time. ^^

Oooo and FRIDAYY.. is a big day… :> I’m ordering my Breville juicer and I’m going to start juice feasting! NO, not fasting, not cleansing, etc etc.. just having as much guilt free home squeezed natural juices as I want! But I DO plan on replacing my morning coffees with some super awesome juice blends. :)

o_o Haven’t had too too much to blog about lately. Wake up. Clean. Dog time. Cam time. I sit down to write a blog and realize I have nothing new to talk about… and end up deleting the draft and never posting it e_e

Maybe I should just post body parts with no entries.

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When I was still active in theatre, I used to get so nervous before every audition I’d get bubble guts. One time I vomited during an audition for a major stage show at a major theme park. >_> I continued to sing my piece as if nothing had happened, avoiding my yack as I shuffled awkwardly around the stage. (PS: I ended up getting the part…. they said they’d never seen anyone vomit on themselves then jazzhand!)

So my dream last night was that Jolene Jolene had arrived for out girl girl time, and I couldn’t stop feeling like I was going to spew!!!! Then right as we get on cam and someone tips us to kiss, I lost it all over my rug.

Then JJ threw up jazzhands.

Then I woke up. Mortified.

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Dude: I see you have the sybian on your wishlist. I am going to send it to you for skype.
LucyOHara: :D WOW! That’s very generous of you!! We’ll have fun skyping with it for sure!
Dude: Cool, see you on skype in a few.
LucyOHara:  ? I wouln’t be skyping tonight. I would skype when it arrived…
Dude: How does that make sense?
LucyOHara: I can’t give you a Sybian show, to thank you for the Sybian, with no Sybian…
Dude: Wow. So you don’t trust me?
LucyOHara: You want to spend $1,300 on a sybian to watch me do a skype show with dildos?
LucyOHara: If you want a private show with dildos, spend $30 on Streamate and have your show.
Dude: I would rather skype than do streamate.
LucyOHara: Cool, then pay via Streamate or Amazon GC and we’ll skype.
Dude: I’d rather send you the sybian for the show.


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Mixed Emotions

Part of me wants to be furious. I went to the toy store and grabbed (what I thought was) my lube… just to be in and out and done with it. I hate going there!!!! So anyway…I PICKED UP THE WARMING KIND. Fucking fuck. I hate warming lube. It’s not comfortable whatsoever.

The other part of me is very, very happy that I have a monster burrito, and chips with guac from Chipotle….

See you guys on cam tonight ^^’ I have to go exchange this fucking lube…


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